Timket Cards

Send Free Ethiopian Timket Cards or Epiphany Cards for your friends and loved ones. Addis Cards offer Timket greeting cards to remember the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River.

Timkat (Amharic “baptism”) (also spelled Timket, or Timqat) is the Ethiopian Orthodox celebration of Epiphany. It is celebrated on January 19 (or 20 on Leap Year), corresponding to the 10th day of Terr following the Ethiopian calendar. Timket celebrates the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River. This festival is best known for its ritual reenactment of baptism (similar to such reenactments performed by numerous Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land when they visit the Jordan).  Wish a Happy Timket by sending one of these cards.

የጥምቀት በዓል ካርድ ለወዳጅ ለዘመድ ይላኩ::የመልካም ምኞት ካርዱን ለመላክ ምስሉ ላይ ይጫኑ እና አስፈላጊውን የእርስዎን እና የተቀባዩን ኢሜይል አድራሻ እና መልክትዎን በመሙላት ይላኩ::